Signarama’s Virtual Messenger is innovative and engaging, and attracts attention as people approach.

The intriguing “real-ness” of the imagery and the creative presentation of content, information, offerings, directions, guidance create an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Absolutely customized, the messenger can be any presenter, a celebrity, a mascot, even a product! And for Legacy and Vanity clients, the messenger is a personal representation of them and their story.

Messages may be looped (ie automatic repeat) or interactive (with touch screen options), your VM can deliver up to five different messages, languages, presentations, depending on your objectives.

Potential Uses

  • Trade Shows
  • Point of Purchase
  • Educational Forums
  • Directional & Informational
  • Sales presentations
  • New product launches and introductions
  • Host or greeter
  • Announcer
  • After hours signage
  • Turn Windows into LIVE Billboards